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Topo Speeder

In the far future on an alien desert world. . . 


OK, there is no plot here. The goal of the game is simple: Pilot your speeder over a mountainous landscape to complete 120 different missions by collecting coins, shooting down propellers, maximizing hang time, and more. You start off with a base-level speeder, but as you complete missions you will be able to upgrade your speeder into a fast, agile and powerful machine.


  • 120 missions to complete
  • More than 20 different types of challenging missions
  • Upgrade the speeder in 7 different categories, each with 6 levels
  • Randomly generated topography, a different landscape every time
  • Simple and fun gameplay, just tilt and tap


Pilot your speeder over fantastic landscapes. Spend the coins you collect to upgrade your speeder. You will be challenged by a wide range of missions, and your performance will be evaluated after every run.

Flick Brick

Flick Brick is an action/puzzle game. It is easy to play, but difficult to master. Simply swipe the screen anywhere to “flick” the ball in that direction. Use the ball to get the key, unlock the door, and then exit the level. However, you must flick carefully not to run out of energy, and to avoid Death Bricks and other obstacles. Collect the three Plus Bricks on each level for an additional challenge. Complete all 64 levels to become a Flick Brick master!


Flick Brick Tips:

  • Don't panic! Instead of flicking wildly, try tapping the screen to stop the ball. Then you can evaluate your situation and plan where to flick the ball next.
  • You can swipe the screen ANYWHERE to flick the ball. You don't have to start your flick on the ball.
  • Try to save energy by using bricks to change the ball's direction instead of controlling it completely by flicks.
  • It's often easier to navigate the screen with the ball moving exactly vertically or horizontally. Look for horizontal or vertical paths through the level without Death Bricks or other obstacles.
  • No new Mr. Mean will come out if you have stopped the ball. If Mr. Mean is already on the screen when you stop the ball he will continue.
  • Only one Mr. Mean will appear on the screen at a time.
  • If you are not trying to get all three Plus Bricks, you can quickly finish a level by unlocking the door and immediately flicking the ball back to the unlocked door.
  • If you hit a Black Brick and hear "bounce", that is the brick that will turn into the 3rd Plus Brick when the door is unlocked.
  • Making a nearly 180 degree change in direction (like from up to down, or from right to left) uses much more energy than a slight change in direction.
  • Try to save Energy Bricks for when your energy is at half strength or less.


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