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Master Solitaire

Master Solitaire is a collection of 34 different solitaire card games, including five original games created for this app. A wide variety of solitaire games is included with different styles of play and different difficulty levels. There is a solitaire game here for everyone to enjoy!

Games Included: Aces Up, Agnes, Alhambra, Baker's Dozen, Bouquet, Bristol, Calculation, Canfield, Duchess, Easthaven, Eight Off, Forty Thieves, Gaps, Golf, Interregnum, Klondike (Deal 1), Klondike (Deal 3), Lady of the Manor, Octave, Osmosis, Osmosis (Easier), Parallels, Pyramid, Salic Law, Scorpion, Shamrocks, Spider, Windmill, Yukon

And, introducing five original games created for Master Solitaire: Blank Slate, Cascade, Collapse, Skillet, Willow


  • Easy-to-read cards with face card pictures and the correct number of spots on number cards
  • Double-tap to move cards
  • Undo multiple moves
  • Auto move cards onto foundations
  • Win/Loss and Average Score statistics for every game
  • Complete in-game rules for every game


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